You invest in your employees, so you want them to be covered in the event that they have an accident or injury. This is different than health insurance because it only covers injuries and accidents that happen on the job. A great worker’s compensation plan should also protect your business from employees who might sue your company over damages that they suffer as a result of accidents or injuries. Of course, every business has different risks, so your policy should be custom-tailored to your specific circumstances, to offer the coverage that your employees and your business need.


If you’re looking for worker’s compensation insurance in Orlando, trust the professionals at NL Insurance Solutions Inc to help you. We understand state requirements for employers’ worker’s compensation and can help you meet them, as well as your more specific needs.

Why Get Worker’s Compensation Insurance

It is required for businesses to have worker compensation in Florida. Many states mandate worker’s compensation in order to protect both employees and businesses. Without this insurance, employers and employees would be involved in litigation against one another much more often. The employee would suffer delayed access to the funds they need for the recovery, and employers would need to deal with legal battles and false claims.


Both sides generally find that worker’s compensation is a preferable arrangement. These policies do not assign fault but give the employee access to the help they need, without taking it out of your business’ bottom line.


Workers’ compensation may cover accidents and injuries that occur on your premises. They may also cover accidents that happen off your premises if your employee travels for work. Employees typically receive the cost of their medical care, rehabilitation, prescription medications, and compensation for the time they are away from work. The amount and length of these benefits depend on the specific policy.


There are many other actors in a worker’s compensation policy. You need a solution that is well-tailored to your business, it’s size, employees, and its specific risks. NL Insurance Solutions Inc offers quality policies that we can tailor to suit you.

Your Specific Workplace Hazards

Workers’ compensation should not be one-size-fits-all. Your company has unique safety risks that may increase or decrease the amount of coverage that you need for your policy. If your employees handle heavy machinery, chemicals, hazardous substances, or spend their time in dangerous environments, you may need more coverage for workers’ compensation than most. In office environments, workplace injuries and accidents can still happen. We have the knowledge and experience to help assess your risks and recommend the right policies for you.

Worker’s Compensation Florida

Our goal is always to develop a long-lasting relationship with your company. Our staff has more knowledge to help assess your company’s needs and interpret law around worker’s compensation insurance for you. We seek to provide high-value service and valuable policies that will protect your employees and your business from the inevitability of accidents.

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