There are always risks when operating a business, but you can take steps to mitigate those risks as best you can. Various types of commercial insurance can help you prevent the major losses you can face when your company is responsible for injury, illness, or other damages. Even the most honest and ethically run company will need business insurance in Florida. Accidents happen, but they don’t need to ruin the company. At NL Insurance Solutions Inc, our commercial insurance brokers ensure your business is well covered moving forward.

Commercial Insurance Options

No two businesses are the same. Each has unique assets, properties, and people to insure. They also each have different risks and a different sensitivity to risk. We have quality policies that can be personalized to suit your exact needs as a company. Our four main types of commercial insurance include:

  • Artisan Contractors Insurance
  • Premises Commercial Liability Policies
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Property Insurance

Which policy and coverage type are best for you? It all depends on what your business does and what you need to insure. Here is a quick breakdown of the four types.

Artisan Contractors Insurance

Skilled or artisan contractors work on homes, improving or building them. Plumbers, HVAC, landscapers, roofers and more are considered artisan contractors. These professionals need wide insurance coverage, including injury to themselves, their client, damage to other’s property, advertising injury, medical payments, action taken against their company, and much more.

Premises Commercial Liability

Non-professional negligent acts are covered by premises commercial liability policies. They cover your liability for damage to property, persons, and also advertising injuries. This coverage should be highly tailored to your business and its risks. The expert team at NL Insurance Solutions Inc can help you assess your risks and show you the coverage that you need to protect your business against the specific risks that are most likely for your company.

Professional Liability

Professionals need professional liability to protect their business in the case that they are sued for negligence over their work. The policy can cover the costs of your defense as well as actual or alleged negligence. Professions that can benefit include consultations, attorneys, architects, engineers, real estate agents, and more. Small businesses may also need professional liability in order to protect their clients. All professionals should get this business insurance in Orlando.

Commercial Property Insurance

Your commercial property is a large asset, and you need to insure it in order to avoid major financial loss. Commercial property insurance can cover your building, the assets that you have inside of the building (such as furniture, appliances), your inventory, your equipment and even the outdoor signs on your property. You may find it very valuable to insure your materials and equipment against damage done during a remodel or during construction. You may also insure your equipment against breakdown or loss.

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