When you’re out enjoying a drive, it’s even better if you know that you’re covered in the case of an accident. While there is a bare minimum mandatory amount for auto insurance in Orlando, our expert auto insurance brokers can help you determine if that’s enough to cover your needs. We have quality auto insurance policies, and we can help you choose the one that will give you the most peace of mind when you put your kids in the car or get behind the wheel.

Types of Auto Insurance

Different kinds of auto insurance protect from different things. Accidents may be your primary concern, but you should also consider that fire, flood, theft, vandalism, and other damages are also a possibility. In Florida, we have severe weather that can damage vehicles and insurance plans to protect from this risk.


Auto insurance policies also include protection for accidents, for yourself, passengers, other people, your vehicle, and any property damage that the accident causes. We can help you craft a quality policy that offers all of the coverage types that you can benefit from. Some of your coverage options include:


  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
  • Specialty auto insurance
  • Medical payments coverage

Insurance can also help you deal with the costs that you face after the accident, from roadside assistance and towing, to reimbursing the cost of the rental vehicle you use after the accident.


Other features of your policy can help you afford the policy or prevent your premiums from rising. We carry policies with diminishing deductibles, minor violation forgiveness and accident forgiveness. Our insurance brokers can also help you explore your options to reduce your costs further, such as good-driving discounts and multi-vehicle discounts.


You may also want to add an umbrella policy to your auto insurance in some circumstances to add additional coverage types and amounts.

The Importance of Car Insurance

In Florida, auto insurance is mandatory. We have a mandatory minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection and an additional $10,000 in property damage liability. These bare minimum amounts are meant to offer everyone a little protection in the event of an accident, but they are not nearly enough to protect you in the case of major accidents.


Car accident injuries can be much more expensive, both for yourself and any other people involved in the accident. Also, the damage to vehicles and other property can also be substantial. These costs can easily be financially overwhelming unless you have auto insurance to protect you.

Your Auto Insurance Broker

One-size-fits-all auto insurance policies may not benefit you. Depending on your vehicle, risk tolerance, and many other factors, you may need a customized auto insurance plan that really takes into account your unique situation. You don’t want to have less coverage than you need, or to pay more than you need to. At NL Insurance & Accounting Solutions, we can help you get a quality policy that will offer you and your family protection.

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