When you have an insurance policy that doesn’t have enough coverage, you can add umbrella coverage to get more. Umbrella coverage is an excellent way to personalize a policy and get the exact coverage that you need. The professionals at NL Insurance Solutions Inc.

We offer umbrella insurance in Orlando, but we also offer much more than that. We’re experienced, knowledgeable professionals that can give you the advice that you need to assess if any of your policies need an extension with an umbrella policy.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Do your current business insurance policies have the full coverage that you need? Any of our underlying policies can be enhanced with an umbrella policy that ensures your business will have coverage if you incur a risk that the underlying policy does not cover right now. There are many situations where you might benefit from an umbrella policy. Here are several situations where their enhanced coverage can help:

  • A staff member or customer slips and falls on your property
  • A product you manufacture or sell causes injury or illness
  • In the event of libel, slander, or property invasion
  • There is a safety risk in your building, from a carbon monoxide leak to a fire
  • In the event of violations of proper employment practices
  • There is another kind of accident involving your business

Your industry and your unique business come with their own unique risks. Sometimes, you can’t find a policy that will protect you from the risks that are most important to you. That’s where the professionals at NL Insurance Solutions Inc can help. We have the knowledge and dedication to help you ensure that you have the coverage that you really need.

Commercial Umbrella Policies

Umbrella policies provide additional coverage on top of another policy. You may benefit from adding an umbrella policy to a wide range of business insurance policies to add higher coverage, new coverage types, or coverage in additional places and spaces. For example, you can add a commercial umbrella policy to contractor’s all risk insurance and get even more coverage. If slips and falls, slander, libel, and hazards are a concern to you, this policy may be of great benefit. Or, if you just have significantly higher costs for your risks than average, an umbrella policy will help you make up the difference.

Umbrella Insurance Florida  

We’re dedicated to cultivating a long-term relationship with all of our clients. So, we’re driven to offer you the best insurance products and to make sure that the products are best for you. Umbrella policies are just one of the many tools that we can use to make sure that you have the coverage you need even if the worst happens.

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