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Your home is your most valued possession and has everything that you cherish in it. Renters insurance and home insurance are important tools that you can use to protect your home. Having significant damage to your home or your possessions within it doesn’t have to lead to financial ruin. NL Insurance Solutions Inc can help you choose a policy that will cover your home when you need that protection most. Discover more about Florida homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance from the experts.

Orlando Home Insurance

While homeowner’s insurance Orlando doesn’t cover everything that can happen to your home, it does cover a wide range of possible misfortunes that could significantly damage your property and set you back financially. Here are some of the risks that a typical home insurance policy covers:


  • Damage to your home under certain circumstances
  • Damages due to fire or explosions
  • Damages due to smoke
  • Damages from water leaks or moisture issues
  • Damage to other structures on your property such as sheds and garages
  • Damage to other items in the home, including furniture
  • Theft and vandalism 

If you need additional coverage, one of our insurance agents can help you find the right umbrella policy to add onto to your homeowner’s insurance in order to get the specific coverage that you need. You may need more coverage, to cover unusual risks such as flooding, or to account for other unique circumstances. We can help you with a personalized policy.  

Renters Insurance in Orlando

Renters insurance is like homeowner’s insurance, but only covering your personal possessions and liability on the property, as the person who owns the rental unit has insurance for the building itself. Renters also deserve the security and peace of mind that they are covered in the event of an accident, or theft or other damages on their property. Renter’s insurance policies are for any area you rent, not necessarily your home.


Renter’s insurance can be paid out in actual cash value or replacement cost. Actual cash value will cover the value of the object or property as it was before the damage. Replacement cost will cover the cost that it will take you to replace the object or property.


As with a homeowner’s insurance policy, you can add onto a renter’s insurance policy with an umbrella policy or make other amendments to suit your specific situation. The trusted experts at NL Insurance Solutions Inc. are dedicated to help you get just the right policy for your priorities, and we can help you sort out your needs for rental insurance. 

Get a Personalized Policy with NL Insurance Solutions Inc

Your home and possessions can be well-protected with a quality policy from NL Insurance Solutions Inc. We are dedicated to serving our client’s every need, which means bringing more information and better policies to the table. We can help you get renters insurance or home insurance in Orlando, so reach out to get a quote from us today.

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