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The freedom of the open road is second to none. Ensure that freedom is protected by getting the right insurance coverage for you and your motorcycle. Having the right coverage for your motorcycle can be tricky.  Let us take you through the process with ease.

When your motorcycle is covered by insurance, you can rest assured. With “bodily injury and property damage liability” coverage, you are covered in the event that you’re involved in an at-fault accident and presented with a liability claim and/or legal costs. This coverage extends to your policy’s limits.

Any insurance policy can be customized. You can add coverage for the following if you wish:

  • €€€€€€€€ Α χομπλετε μοτορχψχλε ρεπλαχεμεντ (ιφ τοταλεδ).
  • €€€€€€€€ Φυλλ χοϖεραγε (χομπρεηενσιϖε).
  • €€€€€€€€ Μεδιχαλ τρεατμεντ.
  • €€€€€€€€ Χοϖεραγε φορ αχχιδεντσ ινϖολϖινγ υνδερινσυρεδ/υνινσυρεδ δριϖερσ.
  • €€€€€€€€ Δαμαγε/λοσσ οφ υπγραδεσ/γεαρ.

There are many ways to save money while still retaining a sufficient amount of coverage for your motorcycle. Contact us today to determine your coverage options.

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