You’ve spent energy, time, and resources building and managing a business. The risks that you face don’t have to undermine all of that investment. With proper, focus business insurance from a reliable business insurance agency, you can get the protection that you need to move forward even if the worst happens. We offer thorough contractors’ insurance, corporate insurance and much more. Discover our policies below.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Businesses rely on high-end and delicate equipment every day. Even the most reliable machines will suffer breakdowns, and the repair costs and the downtime can cause serious problems for your business. You may miss contracts, lose valuable productivity time, and also have to handle large costs to replace equipment or parts of your equipment. Equipment breakdown insurance can cushion you from the risk of equipment breakdown, even if you have very expensive equipment and tools.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Business insurance agencies also offer BOPs. These are a combination of business owners’ policies that can protect your business from a wide range of risks. They usually include general liability and premise liability, but the specifics depend on your business. We can help you perfectly tailor these policies to get the coverage that you need, however, examples include:

  • General liability insurance
  • Fire legal liability
  • Medical premises liability
  • Other premises liability
  • Crime insurance
  • Inventory loss coverage
  • Building coverage
  • Personal property coverage
  • Products and completed operations coverage

Commercial Umbrella Policies

Umbrella policies provide additional coverage on top of another policy. You may benefit from adding an umbrella policy to a wide range of business insurance policies to add higher coverage, new coverage types, or coverage in additional places and spaces. For example, you can add a commercial umbrella policy to contractor’s all risk insurance and get even more coverage. If slips and falls, slander, libel, and hazards are a concern to you, this policy may be of great benefit. Or, if you just have significantly higher costs for your risks than average, an umbrella policy will help you make up the difference.

Loss of Income

Business interruption insurance, also known as loss of income insurance, can help protect your business when you have lost income, lost production time, or closure due to physical damage to your property. In Florida, this kind of insurance is highly valuable for businesses that might need to temporarily close during hurricane season. We can help you ensure that your business interruption insurance policy will cover the potential causes of interruptions that your business could face so that temporary problems don’t shutter your business.

Business Personal Property

Your building and the personal property of your business need their own insurance policy in order to be protected in the case of all kinds of damages. The typical business personal property policy covers things such as:

  • The building itself, it’s walls, structure
  • Interior items such as desks, furniture
  • On-site equipment from certain risks
  • On-site inventory, from certain risks
  • Outdoor signs on your property

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