Bond insurance is an important tool to help businesses mitigate risk so that they can keep operating and growing. Bond insurance offers protection in the case that a service or product is not delivered. This can provide protection for your business, or for your customer.

Bond insurance can be complicated because every business is a little different. When you’re choosing the right bond insurance policies for you, it’s best to work with a bond insurance agency that will pay close attention to your business’s unique needs. At NL Insurance Solutions Inc, you’ll find just that. We’re experienced, highly knowledgeable professionals who also have quality products that can fulfill your unique needs.

Bond Insurance for Contractors

Contractors of all sorts may be required to have bonds insurance, or they may find that paying for bond insurance helps them attract customers and partners, as it makes them more secure to work with. If you have bond insurance, your customer is the beneficiary of the policy. You may need the premium, and the customer gets a payout if you fail to finish the labor that you agreed to. These products are also called surety bonds, because they provide a surety.

There are many unique properties in bond insurance policies. Our knowledgeable professionals can help you discover what size and specific type of bond that your business can best benefit from, including which can help meet your legal obligation to have bond insurance.

Bond Insurance for Other Needs

There are many other bonds that businesses and individuals may benefit from, and NL Insurance Solutions Inc can help you sort through your options to discover what will offer you the most security. Some bond options you may consider include:

  • Performance bonds: These bonds guarantee that specified work will be accomplished.
  • Fiduciary bonds: Fiduciary bonds are often involved in court orders, ensuring that someone will execute their duties as they are supposed to.
  • ERISA bonds: ERISA bonds secure ERISA plans so that the plan’s administrators will fulfill their fiduciary duty. It’s a more specific kind of a fiduciary bond.
  • Conservator bonds: These bonds ensure conservators, who are appointed by the court, to deal with someone’s estate or financial dealings.
  • Court bonds: This is an umbrella term for the various bonds used to secure people who are appointed by a court to carry out a duty, usually to handle someone’s finances.
  • Fidelity bonds: Fidelity bonds offer protection against fraud or dishonest actions by an employee. A company can use fidelity bonds to minimize risks.

Which specific bond do you need? It’s wise to have a professional help you sort out the details of your bond so that you get what you need.

Your Bond Insurance Company

At NL Insurance Solutions Inc, we’re dedicated to having a long-term relationship with you and your business. That means we strive to offer the best guidance, knowledge, and bond products so that you know you can keep relying on us for your bond needs. Reach out to us today to discuss your bond insurance options.NL Insurance Solutions Inc

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